Princess Grace's Book Quips

1. How would you describe Princess Grace?

She is high energy, full of adventure (sliding down the stair banister and breaking the vase!!) and never bored.  She is a bit mischievous.

2. What was her first clue that there was something hiding under the stairs in the closet?

She heard rustling noises that made her suspicious (mice, what?)

3. How did she respond when she saw 5 little fluffy faces looking up at her?

She squealed with happiness and reached to pet them offering comfort and safety.

 4. Which kitten popped up, stepping on the others to be petted first?

Poppy did!  Poppy is a little bit adventurous like her mistress, Princess Grace.

5. What did Poppy do next?

She made footprints of cream on the banquet table!

6. Who promised the King the kittens would not get into any trouble?

Princess Grace!

7. What did Princess Grace promise her father exactly?

She promised that she would be RESPONSIBLE for the tiny kittens care. Definition of Responsibility:
Knowing and doing what is expected from me

8. What happened to Poppy?

Poppy ran away on an adventure…a dangerous adventure!

9. What did Princess Grace do when her kitten was missing?

She quickly got permission from her father (authority) and began to search the kingdom.

10. After searching the town, countryside, and the ships, she found herself at the entrance to the Black Woods.  What did she do?  Did she turn back afraid?

NO!  She remembered the words her father told her to “bring back the kitten to the castle”!  She obeyed and walked through her fear (COURAGE) and entered the Black Forest to search for the lost kitten.  Definition of Courage:
Fulfilling my responsibilities and standing up for convictions in spite of being afraid.

11. When Grace was afraid whom did she call out to?

She whispered a prayer to God for help and safety.

12. Did she find her lost kitten?  Where was he?

Yes, she found him drenched and rumpled, but unharmed, inside a hollowed out log.

13. What did Princess Grace learn about herself and her adventure?

She learned that if you have 5 kittens and one of them wanders away that you leave the other 4 to find the lost one because each one has importance and worth.  Seeking the lost one meant walking through the door of fear and courageously doing what was necessary to find that lost One.  There was much joy and celebration when the lost kitten was found and safe in the castle.  God comes after us, His lost kittens, just like Grace went after Poppy.  It is the lost ones that He came to save.