Princess Joy's Book Quips


1.     This story is taken from which book in the Bible?

 Luke 14: 12-14

2.      What qualities did Joy have that demonstrated her name?

She walked with a skip in her step; she smiled regardless of circumstances; she had her own little happy dance; she purposed to give to others not be a selfish taker; …

3.     Who were the people who were invited BUT did not come to her party?

She invited other wealthy royal children from other kingdoms

4.     How did Princess Joy respond when everybody had an excuse why they would not attend her party?

She felt rejected and sad, but not for long...

 5.     When Princess Joy saw the little village girl peering from behind a tree watching her and her sisters dancing in the garden, what did her heart say and what did she do?

She instantly wanted to invite the little girl and all the village children to her party!

6.     What happened in her heart when she started inviting those living in her kingdom children?

She was filled with JOY!  (Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last!)

7.     Why do you think Joy wanted to invite the villagers and children who would not normally be invited to her party?

She wanted to bring joy to that little girl behind the tree.

8.     What is the purpose of JOY?

JOY is the reward for giving love away!

9.     How did Princess Joy do that?

She and her sisters baked cakes, made party favors, picked flowers, made invitations…lots of thinking and preparing to make others happy and successful!

10.  What happened that brought great surprise to her as the children arrived at the castle on her birthday?

Each child had a gift for her that came from their heart…many were even handmade…the very best kind because they come straight from someone’s generous heart.

11.  What did Princess Joy learn from inviting children that were needy and did not reject her invitation?

Character Qualities she learned:

FLEXIBILITY (Definition: Learning how to cheerfully change plans when unexpected conditions require it)  Joy learned to accept a change in plans for her birthday surprise and learned lessons along the way.

GENEROSITY: (Definition: Realizing that all I have (time, talents and treasures) belong to the Lord and freely giving of these to benefit others).  Joy gave away all her gifts and was blessed more by doing so.

TEACHABILITY: (Definition: Demonstrating a willingness to learn or be trained without reservations or hindrances). JOY learned that even though others were invited they do not always readily accept or appreciate the invitation to come. Those that were poor and knew their need from her kingdom quickly responded to her invitation with great joy.

JOYFULNESS: (Definition: Knowing how to be pleasant regardless of the outside circumstances which ultimately lifts the spirits of others).  Joy found joy when she was happy with her circumstances even when it was not going her way.  When God gives us an invitation to accept His Son we need to be the children that readily receive Him with great JOY.   She learned that we should not resist God’s invitation to know His son or we might miss the grandest party of all…heaven.