Princess Charity's Book Quips

1.     How would you describe Princess Charity?

She is the youngest of the five sisters. She has a hint of mischievousness and is fearless. She is a tomboy and prefers knickers and riding boots to fancy dresses and sparkly shoes. She wants to be a courageous knight one day!!

2.     Who is Princess Charity’s favorite pet?

A horse named Daisy.

3.     What command did Princess Charity’s father give her?

She was not to ride across the border beyond the Weeping Woodlands on Sir Richard’s land.

4.     Did she obey her father, the king?

Yes, she rode high up to Monument Hill to look out over both kingdoms…her fathers and Sir Richards.

5.     What did she see from that vantage point, high above the road below?

She witnessed a very serious accident.

6.     What did she do?

She whispered a prayer to God for help. What is your first response in difficult circumstances?

7.     What happened next??

She watched the nobleman’s coach pass by without stopping! She watched Sir Richard’s soldiers pass by without stopping! She couldn’t believe it! She jumped on Daisy and raced to help the hurt boy! She was careful not to disobey her father’s command and did not cross the borderline.

8.     What did she learn about herself from her adventure?

She learned that obedience and staying within the boundaries of her father’s instruction and courageously risking her own life to save Jack, the injured boy, was true CHARITY-in-action and to her surprise, brought a reward of peace between her father’s kingdom and Sir Richard’s and she even gained Jack, as a new

9.     Where can we find this story in the Bible?

Luke 10:30-37