Princess Faith's Book Quips

1.     How would you describe Princess Faith?

She is a bookworm. She is calm in all circumstances and loves the outdoors and gathering bouquets of flowers for the castle.

2.     Who is Princess Faith’s favorite pet?

A rabbit named Buttercup. Buttercup gets caught in a thicket.

3.     What did Faith find when she pulled Buttercup free?

A secret door and a dark passageway filled with bats and spider webs.

4.     Where did the dark passage lead?

It led to a hidden courtyard that had been a garden in times past before she was born.. She had an idea!

5.     What did she do with the empty courtyard?

She sought her father’s permission to plant a garden of flowers again!

6.     Was it an easy job?


7.     Why? What happened?

She had to plant her garden 4 times! A storm came and washed the seeds away! The sun scorched the seeds and they died! Then the birds came and ate the seeds! Faith doubted her garden would ever grow!!!

8.     What did Princess Faith learn about herself from her mysterious garden?

Just as the seed in the good soil was deeply rooted and in the end, produced a fantastic garden, she too, could persevere and let her FAITH grow, as she trusted her heavenly Father to plant his truth in her heart for eternity.

9.     Where can we find Princess Faith’s story in Scripture?

Matthew 13:3-9; 18-23