Princess Hope's Book Quips

1.  How would you describe Princess Hope?

She is the oldest of the sisters and a good leader.  She is gentle and has a positive attitude.  She’s a little” business person” and is very organized.  She inspires her sisters and everyone who knows her.

2.  Who is her favorite pet?

A fluffy white lamb named Lily.

3.  What did the princesses see in the shop window when they went shopping in the village?

Their Grandmother’s lost ring.

4.  How did Princess Hope respond when the shopkeeper told her how much it would cost to buy the ring back?

She selflessly announced that she would sell everything that she had, even Lily, if she had to, to buy the ring back!  She would have a “courtyard sale”.

5.  What did she find that led her on the “scavenger hunt” to find the ring?

There was an engraving inside the grandmother’s ring…a riddle.

6.  In the end, what did the girls find?  What was the hidden treasure?

A key to all of their grandmother’s most favorite things.  God asks us to give Him everything we are and have to find the treasure above all treasures…HIMSELF!

7.  What is the true treasure?

Salvation and Heaven!

8.  What did Princess Hope learn about herself from her adventure? What character qualities did she learn?

She learned to be CREATIVE (Definition:  Approaching a need, a task, an idea from a new perspective) when she needed to make money to buy the ring.  Hope also learned to be RESOURCEFUL (Definition:  Wise use of that which others would normally overlook or disregard) giving of herself and her possessions to unlock the personal treasures and memories that her grandmother had saved for her. Ultimately, she learned to HOPE (Definition: Feeling that my deepest desire will be realized and that events will turn out for the best) that what God allows in her life is given with love and purpose for her good and future.  In this life we search the world for treasures of beauty, wealth, popularity and just about anything to make us happy, but all these pale in comparison to the joy that is intended for us in Jesus and our living with Him in heaven.  God gave everything, even His own Son, to possess us!

9.  Where is this story found in God’s Holy book?

Matthew 13:44-45