"These precious princess books will bless the life of both mother and daughter, but meeting the author will be an even greater joy. Jacqueline Johnson is a beautiful combination of grace, femininity and a woman who is fully committed to her Lord Jesus and the spreading of His Good News.

Jacqueline is the woman that all of us wish we had as a best friend. She is approachable and kind, down to earth and drips with hospitality. When I am with her, I feel loved, welcomed and important. Her conversations are purposeful and without fluff, yet one does not leave her presence without wanting to hear and learn more.

I have had the privilege of being a disciple of Jacqueline for the past fifteen years, after she had her husband Ralph, led both me and my husband Keith to the Lord. She is a “spiritual mother” to me and has walked me through some very difficult and challenging times in my life, always using God’s Word as my plumb line and compass. Though there are now many miles between our physical locations, I always look forward to visiting her with my own children, knowing that “Grandma Jackie” will have something very special to impart to my blessings. Her wisdom and humility go hand in hand and I am forever grateful to my Lord for allowing this amazing lady to play such an influential role in my life."

Debbie Woodford, Chandler, Arizona

"I have known Jacqueline Johnson for over 30 years and consider her my "spiritual mom". Through the years she has had consistent, unwavering faith and service to the Lord. She partners her gift of mercy with 'cut you to the quick' honesty to encourage you to live a more faithful life of service for Him. Jacqueline has been a solid resource over the years to render practical application of spiritual truths to help me deal with life's many challenges. Her Godly love for others is evident in the outpouring of herself into their lives."

Jo Novara, Tucson, Arizona

"Jacqueline Johnson is an amazing woman, wife, mother, and grandmother. She loves wholeheartedly without condition, serves selflessly, exudes her relationship with her Savior, and lives to instill character in those within her realm of influence. Jacqueline has an insatiable passion for her two daughters, seven grandchildren and all children, sharing with them an undying love for Jesus and an individual representation of Christ well into eternity. I love you Mom and am so proud of you! Thank you for pouring your life into mine with the focus of building a Christ-like character in me. As a result I will spend eternity with you in Heaven and for that I am literally, eternally grateful."

Kimberly Moore, San Juan Capistrano, California

"My Mother, Jacqueline Johnson, has been a courageous trail blazer and an over-achiever for as long as I can remember. As a young girl she was an excellent student and leader in student government. As a college student she volunteered weekly at an orphanage in a dangerous poverty stricken area in South Carolina, and as a young wife and mother she chose to live and work in a tiny remote village in the rainforest in Panama. She is a beautiful fragile flower who is mighty because of her reliance on God’s strength. She has chosen to live a life full of conviction and has led by example. I remember sitting in a hammock with my mother as a tiny girl listening and smiling as she embellished every story with godly details and beautiful fancy words. She has taught and discipled people of all ages and races for over 45 years. Mom, you have accomplished so much more than I have stated, you have been a Godly role model, and you have always been full of character and courage. Never stop writing and never stop teaching. Thank you for caring about our eternal purpose and reason for living. I love you!"

Christina Johnson Landaas, Capistrano Beach, California

"Jacqueline Johnson is a wonderful, godly, gorgeous, and faithful woman. She is the best grandma in the whole entire world. I am very blessed to have her. Throughout this whole experience she has taught me that the key to life is gratefulness. She gives thanks to the challenges and difficulties that come her way and with this God has blessed her. God has given her the idea of the Princess Parable Series and she has built on to it and turned it into the most magnificent series of Christian books I have ever read. I am very proud to be her granddaughter. I think that the most amazing idea for these books was that of basing it on us…her granddaughters. And every book is based on a parable in the Bible. Keep writing Grandma because I’m very proud of you!"

Catherine Landaas, Capistrano Beach, California

"I have carried this testimonial in my bible and used it as a source of encouragement for over ten years":

"Jacquie took me under her wing a little over three years ago and gave me the privilege of becoming her 3rd daughter. I have learned more from her spiritually than anyone in my life. She is a godly woman who walks in His presence. She is transparent and lets others learn from her life. She is loving, caring and full of compassion, yet she is God-focused, tough on sin and convicted after the things that grieve God. I thank her today for helping me find Christ, for my salvation and her great example. And if you get the blessing of spending any time with her, you have seen God in action!"

Jeanna StolleYoung, North Santa Ana, California

"When Jacqueline Johnson walked into my classroom some 30 years ago, I knew she was an extraordinary lady. Jacqueline was the mother of 2 young girls, who with her husband, had just returned to the States from the mission field. Over the years Jacqueline has taught me many things. What stands out in my mind are the Godly principles she instilled in me through song. Principles concerning wisdom, worry, reverence, etc. dot her conversations. Mostly though, Jacqueline lives them out. I have watched her closely over the years and, can say without hesitation, Jacqueline " walks her talk."

Jane Cords, Tucson, Arizona